Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

Starting March 2021, our meetings are live Zoom sessions.

  • Members will receive a Zoom meeting invitation and password by email. This link must be used to join the meeting. The link will not otherwise be publicly available, to help ensure security.
  • Once you've joined the meeting, your audio will automatically be muted. This is to minimize any distractions when each person first joins in.
  • Your video will be ON when you join, and the meeting will be recorded. You may turn off your video if you prefer, using the controls along the bottom of your viewing window.
  • The co-hosts are our 100+ Who Care co-chairs, Steph, Sara and Kathy. We will take turns sharing information and introducing the charity presenters.
  • A representative of each charity makes a live 5-minute presentation.
  • Following the final presentation, a poll will be available to attendees to vote for your chosen charity. The voting poll will be open for approx 5 minutes.
  • The meeting will be streamed to Facebook Live. There is an approximate 20-second delay with the Facebook stream.
  • Only members attending the meeting through Zoom will be able to vote. Members watching the video stream on our Facebook page will not be able to access the poll. This helps ensure that only our registered members are voting.
  • Voting results will be shared once the poll closes.
  • Co-hosts will provide congratulations and closing remarks. Meeting ends by 7pm.

Some Suggestions:

Make it a COVID-safe Watch Party

We encourage members to consider organizing your own small, COVID-safe watch parties for our meeting.

Can't Do Zoom?

If you cannot participate in our live online meetings due to internet or other restrictions, please drop us an email. Or, if you're a reasonably tech-savvy member who could organize a small public gathering and help non-Zoomers to participate, please let us know! We'd be happy to match you up.

Update for 2022

We will be announcing some updates to our virtual meeting flow that will affect our March 2022 meeting. This page will be updated shortly. Stay tuned!

Your Generosity. Our Mission.
Our goal is to help small local charities do some amazing fundraising. Our Giving Circle allows us to GIVE BETTER. GIVE BIGGER.

When & Where?

Virtual or In Person Meetings

All in-person meetings are subject to any COVID-19 restrictions of our host venue, Main Street Station. Virtual Meetings will be available whenever possible.

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