Sept 16 2021: Rowan’s Room Developmental Society

Submitted by Sara White, co-chair/secretary

100-Plus Who Care Giving Group Backs Afterschool Opportunities

The 100-Plus Who Care Giving Group Annapolis Valley met September 16 in a combined in-person and virtual format for its third 2021 quarterly meeting. Three nominated Valley non-profit projects pitched their work for 100-Plus funding support.

Presenting Charities

Members had the opportunity to hear from the Landmark East, Valley Child Development and Rowan’s Room.

Valley Child Development formed in the 1980s to help children from birth to their first year of school through any transitions made especially challenging by developmental delays. Services have expanded over the years to support families and school staff. VCD has recently completed a thorough collection of data from its work. 100-Plus funding would support VCD draft that data into a needs report for extended government resources.

Landmark East described its bursary foundation support for close to half of its students, an integral part of this specialized school’s mission, “Changing Lives since 1979.” Students attending Landmark have access to smaller classrooms, social and emotional strategies, and confidence-building supports to help them successfully achieve Nova Scotia public school curriculum.

Rowan’s Room formed and continues to operate to “fill the need” for any child who needs support, particularly as behavioural challenges affect in-school time. Most recently, Rowan’s Room launched a specialized afterschool program for several children who could not be safely and happily served in a community-based option. 100-Plus funding would expand this afterschool program’s space and services.

Online voting determined Rowan’s Room as the 100-Plus group’s financial recipient. Valley Child Development and Landmark East both received Rewind 89.3 advertising promotional support to help them in their work.

Upcoming Meetings

The 100-Plus Who Care Giving Group Annapolis Valley will continue to meet in whatever format is safest to host: online, as has happened since June 2020, or with an in-person component. In-person meetings are typically hosted at the ballroom in Mainstreet Station, Kentville, with the next meeting planned for December 9. The group meets quarterly to hear from three member-nominated community non-profit groups. After five-minute presentations from each organization, members vote on which group will be the recipient of each member’s $100 donation. New members are welcome.

Visit for information on past non-profit recipients, joining details and upcoming events.

Donate Online

Please donate online using the fundraising page we’ve created:

We would prefer all donations are made online. However if you prefer to mail your cheque, please send to: Rowan’s Room Developmental Society, PO BOX 361, MIDDLETON, NS, B0S 1P0.

Please be sure to write “100 Who Care” in the subject line of your cheque so that Rowan’s Room knows your donation is part of our group. You can also include a self-addressed stamped envelope to help reduce their mailing costs.

Watch Again

Miss the meeting? You are welcome to watch the recording anytime. Please remember members commit to donate to the chosen charity regardless of whether or not you attended.

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