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Welcome to our Giving Group!
Now that you’re a member, you are helping us change our community right here in the Valley area.
Here are some basic guidelines for what we’re all about. You can find more on our detailed FAQ pages as well.
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What's next?

Keep an eye on your inbox. :)

We don’t send out many emails until about one month before our next meeting. Meanwhile, you can :

Here are some basic guidelines for what we’re all about. You can find more on our detailed FAQ pages as well.

How it works

  • You must be a member to attend our networking sessions and meetings. No guests. We always welcome new members, so if you have a friend who would like to join they can register at the event or even better, get them to register online!
  • 100% of funds donated go to the selected charities. We do not take an administrative fee. We all believe in the importance of giving back.
  • Nominating a charity is for members only – we send you the nomination form in our membership emails that you should receive starting approximately one month before a meeting. If you are NOT receiving your emails, please email us through our Contact page or email Steph at

Connect on Facebook

Follow us on Facebook – we encourage you to find and follow us on Facebook. We share information there such as meeting details, charity announcements, and more.

What if you can't make a meeting?

Naturally we would love to see as many of our people’s faces at each meeting as possible! Even with only four meetings per year, we know there can be scheduling conflicts.
Attendance isn’t mandatory to be a member, but it is the only way you can vote for your preferred charity. If you want to have a say in where our group donation goes, you need to be in attendance.

Member communications

As a member, you will receive emails from We usually start emailing about one month before the quarterly meeting. Emails will include welcome or introductory messages to new members, requests for charity nominations, info like where to park, the location of the meeting and any other pertinent info.
If you are NOT receiving the emails, please let us know ASAP. It could mean that we don’t have your correct email address and therefore can’t get a hold of you to let you know what’s going on!

Other questions?

Check our FAQ Section for lots of great information, whether you’re a new member or have been with us since the beginning.
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