New Member Info

Welcome to 100+ Who Care Giving Group!

Now that you’re a member, you are part of a force of giving individuals committed to change our community right here in the Valley.

As a new member, there are some important things you should know before your first meeting:

  • You must be a member to attend our networking sessions and meetings. No guests. We always welcome new members, so if you have a friend who would like to join they can register at the event or even better, get them to register online!
  • 100% of funds donated go to the selected charities. We do not take an administrative fee. We all believe in the importance of giving back.
  • Nominating a charity is for members only – we send you the nomination form in our membership emails that you should receive starting approximately one month before a meeting. If you are NOT receiving your emails, please email us through our Contact page or email Steph at
  • We take your privacy very seriously. We ask our selected charities agree not to share or store your contact information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Please make sure your cheque includes "100 Who Care" on the subject line, to help the charity track donations on their end. If you are contacted by a charity after a meeting other than to receive your tax receipt, please let us know immediately.

Don’t Forget to Connect

Follow us on Facebook - we encourage you to find and follow us on Facebook. We share information there such as meeting details, charity announcements, and more.

Can’t Make a Meeting?

It’s ok, we get it. Life happens – and we’re all about helping you give back in the easiest way possible. We just ask that you let us know that you can’t make it out this time. If you live in Kings County, you can arrange to drop off your cheque and SASE (prior to the meeting please) to another member. If you live in Hants County you can contact Steph to arrange drop-off.

*Cheques must not be made out to 100 Who Care. We do not process any transactions ourselves, and have no bank account and no treasurer.

Stay in the Loop

As a member, you will receive emails from We usually start emailing about one month before the quarterly meeting. Emails will include welcome or introductory messages to new members, requests for charity nominations, info like where to park, the location of the meeting and any other pertinent info. If you are NOT receiving the emails, please let us know ASAP. It could mean that we don’t have your correct email address and therefore can’t get a hold of you to let you know what’s going on!

What Happens at a Meeting?

Have you committed to helping your community but you haven’t been to a meeting yet? Here’s what to expect at one of our quarterly meetings.

1) We host a half-hour networking session before the meeting starts. This is an opportunity to meet your fellow members. A volunteer will greet you at the door and, if you’re a “newbie”, we will take a moment to introduce you to a few other members. Sometimes members will organize a "social" for this timeframe.

Come for as long or as little of the networking session as you would like. It starts at 5:30pm and ends exactly at 6pm.

2) The meeting starts with one of our co-chairs greeting our presenters and members. They will share any housekeeping notes at this time, including collecting charity nominations for the next meeting. Then the big reveal! We share the three selected charities with our membership – all of which have been nominated by a member, randomly selected from the hat, and vetted by the co-chairs.

3) We hear from our 3 selected organizations. A presenter from each charity has 5 minutes only to share with our membership what their organization would do with the donation if they are chosen. No collateral material (brochures, etc) are allowed, and no question/answer period.

4) Voting. After hearing all three presentations, each member votes by secret ballot who they would like to donate to. Volunteers collect the ballots and whisk them away for counting.

5) Charity update. While the votes are being tallied, we hear an update from the last organization who received a donation from us. They fill us in on how our support has impacted their organization and the progress of the programming the funds were earmarked for.

6) Selected Charity Announcement. Everyone takes out their cheque books and waits with anticipation for the selected charity to be revealed. Once members know who to write the cheque to, they do so right in the room.

7) Meeting wrap up. Our co-chairs wrap up the meeting by letting members know where the next meeting will be held and congratulating all nominated charities.

8) Before you leave, remember to drop your cheque off at the registration desk at the entrance. A team of volunteers will make sure that all of your information is accurate so you will receive your tax receipt in a timely fashion.

Have questions? Have you checked our FAQ Section? It has lots of great information whether you’re a new member or have been with us since the beginning.

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for on the website? Please feel free to Contact Us or email any of the co-chairs on our About page.

Your Generosity. Our Mission.
Our goal is to help small local charities do some amazing fundraising. Our Giving Circle allows us to GIVE BETTER. GIVE BIGGER.

When & Where?

Virtual or In Person Meetings

All in-person meetings are subject to any COVID-19 restrictions of our host venue, Main Street Station. Virtual Meetings will be available whenever possible.