Our giving group is an amazing group of individuals based in the Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia.

Why Join 100 Who Care

Giving groups are a wonderful way to donate money – and lots of people are doing it. In fact, as of 2021, there are at least 108 giving circles in Canada.

The biggest benefits to joining 100 Who Care:

  1. members can nominate charities to present to our meetings
  2. members vote for which organization will receive our donation.

But as you’ll see below, we can give you AT LEAST 8 more reasons to join our giving group!

1. Bigger Giving

As part of a giving circle, your donation is pooled with the donations of lots of other people. As a result, the donation is much larger.

2. Better Giving

Charities invited to present to our group must meet our eligibility requirements. The recipient is chosen by our group vote, and is invited back for followups.

3. Intentional Giving

Regular donations becomes part of your budget, and not something to squeeze out at the end of the year. This makes it easier to plan your giving.

4. Discover New Non-Profits

There are hundreds of deserving charities. In a giving circle, you’ll be exposed to many non-profits you might otherwise never hear about.

5. Educational

100 Who Care is a great way to learn about your community. You can absorb a lot in listening to a five-minute story — often more than you can in listening for an hour.

6. Raise Awareness

We do good work not just in money raised but in the momentum created by raising awareness. That is the hidden and more important side of our giving group — the long-term impact.

7. More Social

You’re sharing the experience with other people like you who care about the same cause that you care about. The relationships and friendships created in a giving circle are unlike those created elsewhere.

8. More Enjoyable

A giving circle is a profoundly rewarding, and more enjoyable, way to donate money. When you hear back how that donation helped, it is incredibly satisfying.

How it Works

  • At each meeting, each member donates $100 to the selected organization.
  • We meet four times per year.
  • Your total donation for the year is $100 x 4 = $400.
  • Donations are made out directly to the selected organization.
We meet only 4 times per year.

Upcoming Meetings

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