June 8 2023: 9-Lives Cat Rescue Society

Submitted by Sara White

Lending support to 9-Lives

The 100-Plus Who Care Giving Group Annapolis Valley met June 8, inviting all its members and newcomers to its June quarterly meeting at the Main Street Station dining room in Kentville. A special presentation by Gaspereau Elementary School brought members up to speed on their fundraising efforts to build a new school playground, starting this fall. The 100 Who Care were one of the first major donors to kick-start the $100,000-plus playground project after the school community’s successful 2022 pitch.

Members heard from the Kings Historical Society, the Valley Cancer Patient Navigator Program and 9-Lives Cat Rescue. The vote determined Nine Lives as the donation recipient, with the historical society and the patient navigator program receiving Rewind 89.3 promotional support to help them in their work.

Presenting Charities

9-Lives Cat Rescue Society

9-Lives Cat Rescue volunteers primarily in Hants County, but offers support to peer agencies and people across the province. Presenter Margo Corkum described the group’s foster and vet care program, work on behalf of abandoned cats and a pet food bank. When it formed in 2016, it helped 100 cats and their owners; in 2022, it helped over 970 cats. Fundraising and deep relationships with community partners supports their work.

Find them online here: https://9livescats.ca/

The Kings Historical Society

The Kings Historical Society, which operates the Kings County Museum, maintains over 25,000 artefacts and an extensive historical and genealogical library, showcasing the area’s founding cultures and welcoming thousands of visitors and researchers annually. Curator Ellen Lewis and society president Ivan Norton said the 100 Who Care’s funding would ensure the museum’s heritage building becomes more accessible, with ramp and staircase improvements.

Find them online here: https://www.kingscountymuseum.ca/historical-society/

Valley Cancer Patient Navigator Program

Nurse Dianna Hutt described the Valley Cancer Patient Navigator Program’s work helping patients and their supporters work through what is happening through their diagnoses and treatment, and what resources are available to help, including financial support with medical and specialised equipment, travel, meal and parking expenses. The program guides between 80 and 100 patients monthly, 30 of them new to the cancer care environment.

Learn more online at nshealth.ca.

Donate Now

Please donate online using the fundraising page we’ve created for our group:

We prefer all donations are made online. When you do, please choose the option to display your name publicly on the supporter wall – if you don’t, your donation shows as anonymous and we have no way of tracking your commitment!

If you prefer to mail your cheque, please send to:

9-Lives Cat Rescue
330 Town Road, RR#2
Falmouth, NS
B0P 1L0

Then please send us a quick note that you’ve mailed your donation, so we can update our records!

Please be sure to write “100 Who Care: 9-Lives Cat Rescue” in the subject line of your cheque so that the charity knows your donation is part of our group. You can also include a self-addressed stamped envelope to help reduce their mailing costs.

Photo Gallery

The group, currently 80 members strong, meets quarterly to hear from three member-nominated non-profit groups. After five-minute presentations from each organization, members vote on which group will be the recipient of each member’s $100 donation. Since 2017, the group has donated over $146,000 to local and regional projects. Visit our website for information on past non-profit RecipientsHow to Join, and upcoming Events.

Next Meeting

The 100-Plus Who Care Giving Group Annapolis Valley will hold its next quarterly meeting September 14 in the dining room of Main Street Station, Kentville. New members are welcome.

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