December 13 2018: Canning Food Bank

100 Women back kids and community food programs

Offering a way for everyone in the community to participate, celebrate and be together with food will be the result of the latest gathering of 100+ Women Who Care Annapolis Valley, as the Canning Food Bank was the chosen charity December 13.

The women’s charitable group met for its quarterly event in the Cornwallis Inn ballroom in Kentville’s Main Street Station. Safeguard Property Management & Services will host the next four 2019 meetings of the group as the site sponsor.

The 100 Women decided their December meeting would be a “second-chance” invitation for three 2018 presenting groups, inviting organizations back for an opportunity to talk about – and perhaps gain the 100 Women’s full support for – their programs and services.

The Canning Food Bank has begun a partnership Glooscap Elementary to develop a lunch program. The school closed its kitchen two years ago, and has not been able to provide midday food for its 200 students. The Canning Food Bank will use its bulk buying power and community connections to help the kitchen re-open, with a focus on simple meals at affordable – or no charge, if needed – meals. Funding will support those efforts, plus a fridge or freezer purchase, and a weekly lunch program for the wider community.

Two other groups presented at this evening’s meeting: Hardwood Lake Girl Guide Camp and VON Annapolis Valley. The Girl Guide camp representatives described the 65-year-old facility’s on-going “home” for outdoor experiences and independence building in Girl Guides throughout Nova Scotia, but also for non-Guiding youth and community groups who rent the Lake Paul site.

The VON asked for support for a week’s worth of free access as an introduction to its meals on wheels program for Kings and Annapolis county residents in need of nutritious, affordable food during periods of ill health,recuperation and efforts to remain independent. Both groups received $1,000 advertising support credits with K-Rock.

Representatives of the Windsor Bus Society also attended the meeting, taking the opportunity to thank the 100 Women for their initial support of a fundraising drive for a new bus. The group has almost tripled its donations in the past year, with just $88,000 to go on their project.

The 100+ Women Who Care Annapolis Valley meet quarterly, with members pledging to give $100 donations to each event’s voted recipient.Non-profit groups are nominated for the opportunity to present to the 100 Women. Find out more at

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Sara White, secretary

If you would like to watch a video stream of our December meeting, you can find it on our facebook page here.

Cate Smith, right, represented the 100 Women who Care Annapolis Valley, as the organization met December 13 to hear from three community programs. Cari Patterson, second from right, and Alice Veenema, centre; represented the evening’s successful presenting group, the Canning Food Bank. The VON Annapolis Valley, represented by Alice Morse, second from left; and Hardwood Lake Girl Guide Camp, represented by Teagan Davis, front, and Kim Vaughan; were presented $1,000 vouchers for K-Rock promotional support of their programs.
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